Lost Orchard Company Ltd

Fashion Foods has granted the LOST ORCHARD COMPANY Ltd exclusive GLOBAL rights in perpetuity to it’s intellectual property, plant material and brands. This will enable shareholder investors in the LOST ORCHARD COMPANY Ltd to obtain rights to propagate, grow, and market Fashion Foods released varieties globally, while securing investment and marketing strengths and protection second to none, normally only enshrined in Single Desk entities.

Patrick J Clement of Auckland has been appointed the inaugural Chairman and Managing Director of the LOST ORCHARD COMPANY Ltd, heading a Board of 5 Directors. The Company will now globally commercialize the first of Fashion Foods unique varieties – HARLEY05 (Mondaju/Roxy) to suitable investor/partners who obtain rights by their LOST ORCHARD equity investment.

About Patrick J Clement

Patrick Clement is a semi-retired agribusiness leader who has worked in Rural Finance, the Crop Protection and Animal Health sector, the Not-for-Profit sector and start-up biotechnology companies. He has held senior marketing and management positions with Merck Sharp & Dohme, Pfizer, Nufarm NZ and Nufarm Europe. During his 13 year leadership Nufarm NZ became the largest supplier of crop protection products in New Zealand and its local manufacturing facility played a key role in expanding the company’s global supply chain.

Patrick is a past president of Agcarm, a past Director of Nufarm Finance (NZ) Limited and POD Farming Ltd and a past Chair of the Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust. He currently chairs Lost Orchard Company Limited. He holds an Agricultural Science degree, a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and a Certificate in Company Direction.

Photo of Patrick J Clement

LOST ORCHARD COMPANY LTD Chairman Patrick Clement