RV11 (GOLDI) PVR applied

ROXY tm packer at Thomas Bros Talasea Packhouse

ROXYtm packed cartons


HRHER (ENGLISH ROSE) final selections

HRHER (ENGLISH ROSE) final selections

HRHER – (ENGLISH ROSE) growing and marketing trials

RV14 harvest 2021

RV14 storage trials

RV14 trial plantings progressing

RV11- Goldi ™ Dry Matter report

Mondaju 2015 harvest

harvested Berica in Bin

Early February MONDAJU pre-harvest 2016


Berica 1st week of Feb 2018 displaying attractive harvest potential

1st week of Feb 2018 displaying optimal harvest maturity consistent with trial performance

Jason from Guimarra viewing Berica 26 Feb 2018

MONique DAniel & JUstyn – the MONDAJU team! with their spectacular namesake


RABO Bank’s discerning choice of Mondaju apples in their media is appropriately highlighting their taste, distinction and class 🙂

2018 storage trials show MONDAJU in good shape exceeding 190 days

Erica with BERICA

RV11 (GOLDI) distinctive shape, colour (and flavour!)

Shenzhen Markets trial gets thumbs up 2017

Simon & Matt Easton Wairepo with excellent quality

Packed product March 2017 at Wairepo

Dedicated graders fine tuning quality March 2017 Wairepo

High quality out turn March 2017 Wairepo

Matt Easton pleased with finished product – Wairepo 2017

2017 packed product

fruit conniseur Simon Easton at 2017 packing

Extenday (TM) Nelson Mgr Kirk Ritchie with outstanding trials 2017

Berica exhibiting hot pink displays, evident early resulting from Extenday ™ trials

Fashion Foods team with finished product

Damien O’Connor MP and opposition Primary Industries spokesman supporting Fashion foods at NZ National Farm field days

Erica discussing fruit attributes development potential with visitors to Fashion foods exhibition at Mystery Creek

Erica & Bill Lynch Fashion foods founders

Dan & Bill Lynch of Fashion foods

Berica compared with Heritage Gala & Royal Gala

Asian entrepreneurs impressed with Fashion Foods new varieties

Mondaju – M793

Maggie Wallach, a Fashion Foods discerning quality panelist inspecting 2018 BERICA with QC Erica[/caption]

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storage trials 2018